Lace up your boots and we'll truck on down

To a knocked out shack on the edge of town

It's a real homecoming' for all those cats

Just boogie down past the welcome mat

Left Allemande and you Dosido

Allemande left and weave the ring

There's fryers, broilers,

and Detroit- (Texas-, Carolina-)bar-b-que ribs

You’ll spend the rest of your life

Down at the house, the house, the house of blue lights

Tag:  The house, the house, the house of blue lights


Heads (Sides) Promenade about half way round

Walk in and Pass the Ocean, Extend

Double Swing Thru – Recycle

Reverse your Flutterwheel

He’ll roll her, she’ll roll him

Swing your corner girl and Promenade

Fall in there and we'll see some sights

Down at the house the house the house of blue lights