Opener-Middle Break-Closer   Circle Left

Have Mercy, Baby, On A Poor Boy Like Me

Have Pity, Baby, Just When I Thought It Was Over

Baby, Baby, Hope You're Gonna Stay Away

Left Allemande Your Corner Then - Dosado With Your Own You See

Do An Allemande Left And Weave The Ring

Cause When The Loving Starts

And The Lights Go Down

(Swing That Girl And Then You Promenade Around)

And there's not another  living soul around

You woo me until the sun comes up

you say that you love me

You Say That You Love Me



Heads Square Thru Count 'Em Four, Dosado That Corner Once More

Swing Thru And Then, The Boy Run Right, Bend That Line A Right And Left Thru Tonight

Pass The Ocean Then Recycle Around, Swing That Corner Promenade On Down

You Woo Me Until The Sun Comes Up

And You Say That You Love Me